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  • Made in Germany

Our products are primarily used to treat vitamin D deficiencies and support the healthy functioning of the immune system and cell metabolism. Vitamin D deficiency can, for example, occur in people who do not regularly expose their skin to the sun in order to produce enough vitamin D. Especially chronically ill people are affected by vitamin D deficiency with above-average frequency. Recent research also indicates that genetic alterations disturb the formation, enzymatic conversion or hormonal activation of vitamin D in the cell.

Why is vitamin D important?

In addition to maintaining a healthy bone density, vitamin D also serves the normal regulation of the immune system and a healthy cell metabolism. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to increased wound healing disorders and / or autoimmune diseases. A connection between increased cancer risk and vitamin D deficiency has also been proven in numerous studies.

Further information on vitamin D can be found on the Internet, e.g. at
https://www.vitamindcouncil.org/ or http://drholick.com/

No high-dose supplementation with vitamin D without a doctor!

According to leading vitamin D researchers such as Dr. Michael Holick, Dr. Bruce Hollis or Dr. Reinhold Vieth, people who have an increased risk of vitamin D deficiency should take a permanent daily supplementation of 10,000 vitamin D supplements. This dosage is recognized worldwide as a safe daily dose for healthy adults that has no adverse effects even when taken continuously.

However, if there is a vitamin D deficiency, the daily intake of 10,000 may not be sufficient to achieve an adequate blood level. In this case, the vitamin D level can be replenished by so-called shock therapy. In shock therapy, very high doses of vitamin D are administered daily over a limited period of time in order to maintain the blood level at a healthy level with a lower daily dosage.

Leading vitamin D researchers recommend a vitamin D blood level of 40 - 60 ng/ml. For chronically ill people even higher blood levels are recommended. The danger of a Vitamin D Intoxikation and Hypercalcämie was not observed so far with blood levels under 150 ng/ml. Nevertheless, for a safe vitamin D supplementation you always need the assistance of an expert physician!

Vitamin D utilization disorder: High-dose therapy "Coimbra protocol"

Scientific research indicates that part of the world's population needs significantly higher blood levels than previously thought in order to have a healthy vitamin D status. Due to genetic factors, some people are unable to produce sufficient amounts of vitamin D even when exposed to the sun or are unable to convert it sufficiently into the hormonally active form of vitamin D in the body. These people are dependent on a permanent supplementation with sufficient amounts of vitamin D products, otherwise autoimmune diseases can develop. If you are already suffering from an autoimmune disease, perhaps medical treatment with a high-dose vitamin D therapy according to Dr. Cicero G. Coimbra, the so-called Coimbra protocol, is an option for you: This treatment is based on the hypothesis that people with autoimmune diseases have a genetic disorder of vitamin D utilization. As a result, the immune system derails and attacks the body's own tissue. Dr. Coimbra researches vitamin D and diseases of the brain and immune system. Since 2002 he has been treating patients with autoimmune diseases with vitamin D and other co-factors and, according to his own data, achieves permanent remission in over 90% of all treated cases.

Since 2012, more than 120 doctors worldwide have been trained in the use of the vitamin D high-dose protocol. Their addresses can be found on the Internet at https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?hl=en_US&mid=1fATZJUEhOsYYJdBY41h48FBkLaQ&ll=13.083885823773173%2C-48.53808624999999&z=3

Further information on the Coimbra protocol can be found in German at www.coimbraprotokoll.de or in English at www.coimbraprotocol.com

Why do we offer additional supplements?

For the enzymatic conversion of vitamin D, our body needs various cofactors, e.g. magnesium and various B vitamins. In the context of a medically accompanied high-dose vitamin D therapy for autoimmune diseases, further dietary supplements are therefore recommended in order to support the healthy functioning of the immune system and ensure good cell metabolism. In North and South America as well as Italy the cofactors for the Coimbra protocol are offered in combination capsules, in Germany these were not available so far. We are the first manufacturer in the German-speaking area to offer the recommended cofactors in a practical combi-capsule.